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Authentic Assessment, Project-Based Learning

Authentic Assessment and PBL

Wouldn't you love an authentic assessment tool that would let you show how your students are growing in meaningful ways...

Holistic Assessment, Multiple Intelligences

Special Education and ELL

Students with learning challenges are too often given negative reinforcement. OpenSchool ePortfolio is a tool that will let them show what they can do...

Lifelong Learning, Distance Learning

Teacher-led and Self-directed

One of the main goals of OpenSchool ePortfolio is to help students transition from teacher-led instruction to lifelong, self-directed learning...

21st Century Skills

21st Century Lesson Planning

Do you want a tool to streamline the teacher-student workflow...

Digital Portfolio

Digital Archive of Student Work

Imagine having a continual record of all student work and projects showing their growth...

Student Growth, Innovation

Parent Portal for Family Sharing

Now parents can see the exciting things that you are doing in the classroom and follow their children's progress...

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